"I commit to the integrity and progress of the Second District. I commit to continue to bring all stakeholders together, to build on our collective accomplishments and to put courage before comfort when problem solving."
- Councilwoman Pearce



Jeannine Pearce at the Long Beach AqariumEvery movement has a catalyst. Councilwoman Pearce is that catalyst. With a commitment to process over policy and principle over politics, bringing diverse groups together to contribute to our shared vision, building a district and city that truly works for ALL. Accomplishments include progress for our health, our environment, our youth, and our small businesses.


Jeannine Pearce with Long Beach FiremanThe Second District is a patchwork of different interests brought together through the tireless leadership of Councilmember Jeannine Pearce and her continued commitment to:

  • Courage and leadership in the face of adversity
  • Bringing the community to the table
  • Embracing Challenges

  • Participate in Progress

    Jeannine Pearce hanging a light on ObisboThe Second District is the place where progress starts with participation.
    Join the movement.