Second District Issues

1: What is she going to do about parking?


Jeannine has already defended parking by organizing against big projects that would further impact neighborhood parking. She fought against the hotel project on Ocean and Cherry, which didn’t have adequate parking for the hundreds of guests and would have made parking for residents even more impossible.


When she’s elected, Jeannine is in favor of more diagonal parking,  creating residential permits, encouraging businesses and churches to open their lots at night for resident parking, and pledges to create at least one hundred new parking spaces within her first hundred days in office.


2: What is she going to do about the homeless?


Jeannine isn’t interested in continuing the same failed approach on homelessness. She wants to hire mental health officers to work directly with our homeless population, guide them to social services, and start approaching the problem head-on. Our city’s firefighters should not be responding to homeless issues, they need to focus on real emergencies where seconds can be the difference between life and death.


Homelessness in our city is a chronic problem that Long Beach hasn’t faced for years. We need leadership that has experience bringing large groups together to solve everyday problems. Jeannine is already doing that -- she’s organized a Homeless Day of Action, formed a group of non-profits, small business owners, residents, and experts in the field to start working on a real plan to start reducing our city’s homeless population.


3: What is she going to do to provide more affordable housing?


Jeannine has been working with Housing Long Beach for nearly a decade working to organize renters, apartment owners and councilmembers to improve our housing stock and build more mixed use housing for low-income residents.


When she’s elected, Jeannine will build on this experience and focus on:


A: Develop a funding source for an Affordable Housing Trust Fund -- where developer and real estate transaction fees are coupled with other funding sources

B: Balance development downtown with an inclusionary housing ordinance

C: Support creative projects like the Breakers

4: How does Jeannine feel about legalizing marijuana?


Jeannine is in favor of medical marijuana for those who need it and believes the city needs to take real leadership on the issue. She's been extremely disappointed with the lack of real action. No more task force- she's supportive of the efforts to allow voters to pass a comprehensive policy that will increase access to medicine and grow the general fund.


5: What is her party?


Jeannine is a proud Democrat, she’s the only candidate with the endorsement of the Democratic Party and by three democratic clubs based in Long Beach. She is also the only candidate endorsed by progressive leaders like Congressmembers Alan Lowenthal and Janice Hahn, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, and Councilmembers Rex Richardson and Roberto Uranga.

6: What is she going to do about crime?


In order to prevent crime, Jeannine believes we have to focus on the youth in our district. She is in favor of adding more after-school programs focusing on arts and internships. She is in favor of expanding local hire programs that hire youth and veterans to get them off the street. Jeannine also wants to invest in non-profits that invest in youth development.

  • increase the local hire for youth and disadvantaged communities

  • Work with the arts council, high schools, and the city to increase opportunities for youth that might not go directly to college

  • Work with the LBCC to increase access to college

  • Work with non-profits to work as bridges between communities and law enforcement to rebuild trust


7: What is Jeannine going to do for the Arts?



Locally Jeannine sees the arts as playing a key role in revitalizing neighborhoods, working with our at risk youth, and bringing innovation and creativity into our local economy. Jeannine believes we can do a better job of educating residents, young and old, through the arts, as well as a better job of connecting local artist to economic and educational opportunities. We can also use the arts to connect people to their local government in new ways, with the goal of ensuring everyone has a voice in solving our everyday problems. By working together and using the creativity of the arts, we can create the real change people are so hungry for.


Government is the best advocate for the arts, as it can be an unbiased source of continuing revenue free from the pressures of the market. Government also has the most to gain from supporting the arts, as the arts helps to build community and break down the barriers.


It is critical that we allocate funds to support our Arts Council, artist development, public art, and education.The arts creates jobs, community engagement, revitalizes neighborhoods , and builds a more expansive creative local economy. The arts also cultivates young people, creates new opportunities and facilitates academic achievement, while helping to revitalize neighborhoods.