Our Vision


As a member of City Council, I will ensure that all Long Beach families have the opportunity to succeed and thrive. Working together, I know we can find solutions to the everyday problems facing our community.

Building a Long Beach that works for everyone starts with engaging families, small business owners, nonprofits, environmentalists, regional leaders, entrepreneurs, and other community members to create a thriving local business climate with more job opportunities for residents, increase local investment, establish safer neighborhoods, and work with the school board to continue improving our schools.

My priorities for City Council include:

  • Building a Healthy Community by ensuring all residents have access to quality healthcare, affordable housing, and great schools. 

  • Protecting Our Environment for future generations by exploring creative policy solutions, promoting green development and infrastructure, and expanding the City’s current green initiatives. 

  • Promoting a Thriving Local Economy by improving the climate for small businesses, promoting the entrepreneurship of local residents, and attracting employers that will work with youth, veterans, and others with barriers to employment.

  • Strengthening Our Local Democracy by ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and engaging in inclusive and transparent decision-making processes.

I look forward to working with you to make this vision a reality. Please share your ideas, and come out to local events. With your participation, we can make this district one that works for everyone.