The California Nurses Association Endorses Jeannine Pearce for Long Beach City Council

Jeannine Pearce for Long Beach City Council Releases the Endorsement of the California Nurses Association

December 22, 2015

The Jeannine Pearce for Long Beach City Campaign announces the endorsement of the California Nurses Association

“Jeannine Pearce has the progressive values Long Beach needs to ensure the city works for all residents," said Malinda Markowitz, RN Co-President of the California Nurses Association. "Jeannine's focus on delivering public healthcare for all, affordable housing, and a cleaner environment to residents will benefit everyone in Long Beach, but will have the most lasting impact on those most vulnerable in the city. Jeannine’s ability to collaborate with nonprofits and civic organizations and organize residents to bring real change to Long Beach’s neighborhoods sets her apart from her opponents. The California Nurses Association, representing more than 90,000 nurses statewide, is proud to endorse Jeannine Pearce for Long Beach City Council.”

"I'm incredibly honored to have the support of the largest union representing professional nurses nationwide," said Pearce. The California Nurses Association has been at the forefront fighting to deliver affordable, quality health care for everyone in California, focused especially on delivering it to the most vulnerable and in the most need. Their leadership and action has shown that bringing health care accessibility to everyone is possible if we put people first."

The California Nurses Association joins more than forty (40) District 2 community leaders and residents, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath, Councilmember Rex Richardson, Councilmember Roberto Uranga, IBEW Local 11, Pacific Shore NOW, Teamsters, small business owners and many others in supporting her candidacy for Long Beach City Council.

Jeannine Pearce is a longtime 2nd District resident and is running for the Long Beach City Council to ensure that all residents are well represented in local government. Her priorities include supporting a thriving and growing local economy, building a clean and safe environment for residents to flourish and a commitment to collaboration with all stakeholders.

Jeannine's personal story is characterized by struggle and perseverance. Adopted at a young age, Jeannine grew up very poor. She moved out of her home at the age of 16 and has worked since then. She made the move from her home state of Texas to California with her husband in 2005. After a decade of working multiple jobs while going to college, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Long Beach State University with a degree in sociology in 2009. She currently lives near Retro Row with her husband, Ryan, and daughter, Jubilee.            


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  • commented 2016-02-11 19:19:23 -0800
    WOW, that’s amazing. A woman who endorses people with bullhorns waking up the residents along Ocean Blvd two or three days per week at 7 am now wants to represent us. I am speechless. She supports and encourages Unite Here which is a group of paid protesters who are trying to organize the workers at the Westin. Problem is that if and when the workers do decide to vote, their vote for or against organizing must be witnessed by the Union organizers. Sound fair? She has no more qualification to represent our district than the man on the moon. She is trying to gain office so that she can throw her considerable weight around for her own political agenda. Vote no to her candidacy if you work nights or would like to sleep in past 7 am.